Italian Ravioli Sealing Cutting Tool
Italian Ravioli Sealing Cutting Tool
Italian Ravioli Sealing Cutting Tool
Italian Ravioli Sealing Cutting Tool
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Italian Ravioli Sealing Cutting Tool

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Use this brass pastry wheel to seal and cut homemade pasta with a filling such as ravioli. It's also perfect for pastry like strudel, other filled pasta such as wonton, pierogi or kreplach or any confection that needs sealing and cutting in one movement.

Made in Italy
Smooth beech wood handle
Well balanced, a pleasure to use
30 mm solid brass smooth sealing blade encased between crenelated blades for the perfect cut, sharp and precise
Sturdy construction, heirloom quality
Altogether, a truly exceptional kitchen tool


Total length 18 cm
Handle length 11 cm
Blade 3 cm

This is a quality ravioli cutting wheel, perfectly balanced and very sharp, to easily achieve precise, sharply defined edges. It is so lovely and easy to use.

Made of solid brass with a beech finished with food-grade oil, this pasta tool will stay beautiful for a long time. To keep your ravioli cutter in tip-top condition, simply clean with a stiff brush to remove any dough and flour which might have become lodged in the grooves. Wipe clean if necessary or quickly run the blade under the tap. The oil provides a protective layer to the handle, so you can wipe it. We don't recommend standing it in water or in the dishwasher. Occasionally, you may want to revive the wood with chopping board oil or grapeseed oil.

If this is intended for as a gift for a foodie, let us know and we will gift-wrap it for you and send it on with your message.

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